Vox Garbles – vox@mechamedia.cc

Pause and Reflect – DualityFest

Pause and Reflect Music commissioned several pieces for their two day online festival DualityFest. This included design and animation for 2 interstitial segments and a 60 second event trailer, as well as VFX for footage to be used as video backgrounds for several performances.

For the official trailer, I modeled their logo in Blender and flew the camera through the negative space, creating a loop that stylishly emphasized the theme of the event. The frames were rendered overnight using the cycles render engine and imported into After Effects for sequencing, coloring, and animation of the logo and titles.

These two interstitial segments were made in After Effects using stock footage. I made identical “that was” and “next up” segments for both days.

Finally, I produced 8 30 second background clips in After Effects.