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TheyFriend – Synthetic Love

Is it getting hot in here?

This Spotify Canvas for TheyFriend’s Synthetic Love is a vaporwave meltdown in Trapper-Keeper style. The design features a CRT monitor and a melting metal heart engraved with a warning to any who may have been exposed. The monitor plays a vintage news clip before succumbing to the heat and radiation, and the background is based on the infamous wall of dials from the Chernobyl reactor control room.

All the models in this scene were downloaded from Sketchfab and modified. The monitor material was edited to play the video clip we selected and the background was animated by using a noise modifier to vary the brightness of two sets of emissive materials. The heart model was engraved using a Boolean operation and re-topologized so the text would remain legible as it deformed. I used shape keys and proportional editing with a random fall-off to animate the melting process. I also created post-production effects that mimic the distortion caused by VHS tapes, CRT monitors, and even radiation, all modeled inside of blender.

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Our first concept used footage of the “Elephants Foot,” a highly radioactive mass that melted through two meters of reinforced concrete and pooled beneath Chernobyl Reactor No. 4. When that footage proved too dark, I suggested we use the beautiful vintage logo that opens this clip.
Blender sketches from the design phase of the piece.
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