Vox Garbles – vox@mechamedia.cc

MTHRBORD – Conphaera: Enter The Void 2.0

MTHRBORD records ask me to visualize this ambient set by Conphaera as a part of Enter the Void 2.0, a 3-day streaming music festival. This is the first set I’ve created for a festival without using any stock footage or assets. Instead, I’ve used original 3D animation made in Blender and rescanned off a CRT monitor. I also cut promotional materials in 16:9 and 9:16 aspect ratios.

Audio by Conphaera @ conphaera.bancamp.com

Video by Vox Garbles @ mechamedia.cc

Aired Oct 31 2022 @ enterthervoid.tv and youtube.com/@RyanCelsiusMusic
An excerpt from this piece titled “Light Body Mathematics” screened as a part of the Cuerpo Transparente experimental film festival.